My Niche60 Review

By John Mann

Learn To Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way!

Niche60 - Make Money As An Affiliate MarketerEarly December, 2016
Niche60 is Michael Brown’s newest course on how to make money as an Affiliate Marketer and believe me, this product really works!

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Niche60 – Course Description

My name is John Mann and I’m the Support Manager for all Michael Brown’s products including this one, his latest called Niche60.

Besides telling you this as a “disclaimer” of sorts I also want to point out that I really know this product inside and out.

Here’s the thing ……. Niche60 is one of those programs that really works!

You don’t come across them every day – In fact quite the opposite!

Most “Learn To Make Money On The Internet” programs don’t really work as well as they tell you they are going to.

In fact most of them are SCAMs that are designed strictly to take your money from you without providing anything of value in return.

Niche60 is definitely quite the opposite.

I will tell you how well it worked for me with a brand-new website where I made my first commission within 90 days of registering the domain name.

And for the first 30 days I did absolutely nothing on the website; I just let it sit. So really I made my first commission within 60 days if you only count the time period for I was actually working on website.

That pleases me greatly because the first sale is the hardest to get. Now the faucet has been turned on, so to speak, and the sales will start coming in faster.

Update Nov 25, 2014 – My site is making more & more sales every day! It’s starting to take off, just like Niche60 tells you it will.

Michael is the author of another program about making money as an affiliate marketer called Niche Blitzkrieg.

You can see details about that program by Clicking Here.

Niche Blitzkrieg is a very viable and legitimate program about making money online as an Affiliate Marketer. Its methods and techniques work well to this day.

But things have changed in the 5+ years Niche Blitzkrieg has been around.

Enter Niche60.

It’s Niche Blitzkrieg completely updated with the latest tips and techniques that work in today’s Internet environment.

And boy, Niche60 really works!

Following the Niche60 methods, I was able to create a brand-new website in a niche I knew absolutely nothing about start making money basically within 60 days.

Remember, I let my new Niche60 website just sit there for the first month when I didn’t have time to do anything with it.

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